EBSD is a scanning electron microscopy technique that can be used to determine the crystalline orientation at the surface of a sample. This enables one to characterize the texture, grain size, nature and distribution of phases, grain boundaries as well as deformations and stresses. EBSD can be applied to a large range of materials including alloys, ceramic composites, thin films and mineralogical samples.

-Determine the texture
-Determine the grain size
-Identify phases and their distribution
-Characterize deformations and stresses


Depth resolution : 30 nm
Lateral resolution : 30 nm
Detector : Nordlys II, 12 bit, 1344×1024 pixels, adjustable sampling angle
EBSD software: HKL Technology Channel 5
Other characteristics : ultra high vacuum, in situ heating
Manufacturer : Omicron Nanotechnology
Model : NanoSAM (camera and software from HKL Technology)

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