/ Biomedical

In the medical field, the quality of a product is defined, among other things, in terms of cleanliness, biocompatibility and resistance to corrosion. Medical devices such as catheters, contact lenses or endoprotheses must be completely devoid of contaminants to work properly. Another biomedical application of particular interest is the study of proteins and other organic materials for the design of biosensors and cellular growth. GCM Lab is proud to support the pharmaceutical and biomedical industries by offering a large range of analytical services for chemical identification and surface topography. Our highly trained and courteous researchers is available to determine the impact of a new surface treatment or for any other inquiry in this area.

Application examples

  • Analyse the contamination on medical devices
  • Map the surface of polymers
  • Analyse the layers of a pharmaceutical
  • Depth profiling of polymers
  • Failure analysis
  • Determine the composition of thin films
  • Assess the quality of electro polished stainless steel
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