/ Pharmaceutical

With an aging population to it must minister to, the pharmaceutical industry is expanding at a rapid pace. Pharmaceutical companies come up daily with new ways to produce effective drugs, with minimal side effects for the patient. In this context, the development and manufacturing of drugs must follow rigorous procedures. The surface analytical techniques to evaluate new biomolecules or identify contaminants then become necessary tools to ensure the quality of these developments.

The GCM offers a group of analytical and R&D services especially suited to the pharmaceutical industry. The diversity of our facilities and the competence of our personnel will help you to put in place reliable manufacturing processes, while minimizing the number of rejects. Our services include organic and inorganic techniques to identify impurities and to quantify a given element in each layer of a pill.

Application examples

  • Identify polymorphs
  • Identify contaminants in products
  • Analyze the chemical composition of each layer in a time-released drug
  • Carry out a materials analysis on drug-delivery systems like inhalers
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