Focused ion beam / Scanning Electron Microscope (FIB/SEM)

A focused ion beam (Ga+) impinges on the sample surface to micromachine it by sputtering the atoms on the surface, according to a given pattern. The beam energy can also be used to selectively deposit materials (platinum or silicon oxide). The detectors can image the exposed surfaces thanks to the emitted ions and secondary electrons. FIB is very useful to prepare sample for subsequent analysis by microscopy techniques such as SEM, STEM, TEM or EDX. The FIB can also be used for printed circuit modification (conductor cutting, deposit new connections locally) or surface micromachining (photonic crystal fabrication for instance).

Since the instrument also carries an electron microscope mounted at an angle to the ion column, it is possible to visualise the structures or the cut during processing.


-Sample cutting

-Micromachining and imaging on one instrument

-High resolution imaging

-Slice preparation for TEM

-Editing of circuits

-Able to machine extremely small sections
-The machining and high resolution imaging is combined in the same instrument

-Work performed in a vacuum
-Instrument located in a cleanroom

-Machining of conductors on integrated circuits
-Creation of new electrical connections in electronic circuits
-Micro-fabrication of photonic crystals

Lateral resolution : ≥ 3 nm (electrons),≥ 7 nm (ions)

Other characteristics : Imaging, local deposition (Pt, TEOS), selective etching of oxides

Manufacturer : FEI Strata

Model : DB-235

Ion beam : Gallium

Electron source : Field emission gun, Schottky type

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