/ Ellipsometry


Ellipsometry uses the polarization change undergone by an optical wave during reflection from a surface. It provides a great deal of information on the material such as the refraction index, the chemical composition and the electrical conductivity. We can also determine the thickness of a film, provided it is between a few tens of nanometer and a few microns. Ellipsometry is a non-contact, non-destructive method

-Determine the refraction index of a thin film

-Measure the thickness of an optical coating

-Measure the roughness

-Determine the birefringence

Measure concentration or dopant gradients


-Very versatile technique
-Analysis in any atmosphere
-The measurement does not need to be performed in a vacuum


-Limited amount of information concerning the chemistry of the samples
-The layers have to be well defined
-Not appropriate for thick (several microns) or opaque films

Resolution / sensitivity : 1.6 – 6 nm, 1 cm-1 (IR)

Depth resolution : ≤ 1 nm (depends on the model and the material)

Lateral resolution : 3 – 10 mm

Other characteristics : Spectral range : 245 nm – 33 µm

Manufacturer : J.A. Woollam Co.

Model : VASE, M-2000UI, M44, IR-VASE

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