/ UV-Vis Spectrometer

UV-Vis Spectrometer

A spectrophotometer measures the spectral response of a sample illuminated by a monochromatic source. Our apparatus is equipped with different modules to determine the specular transmission, specular reflection (V-W module), transmission / total reflection (specular and diffuse) thanks to an integrating sphere. This technique is particularly useful to measure the performance of optical filters as well as the absorption of liquids or thin films.


Transmission spectrum analysis of an optical filter

Bandwidth analysis of an optical coating



Resolution / sensitivity : 0.05 – 5 nm (UV-VIS), 0.2 – 20 nm (NIR)

Depth resolution : N/A

Lateral resolution : 2 mm

Other characteristics : Spectral range : 175 – 3200 nm

Manufacturer : Perkin Elmer

Model : Lambda 19

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