/ Magnetron sputterer


The magnetron sputterer is used to deposit a large range of metals and dielectrics. The particles that impinge on the substrate surface have a higher energy (1 eV) than that obtained by evaporation (0.1 eV), which confers to the films a higher density and a better adhesion. Reactive sputtering is also available with this system, to deposit oxides or nitrides. A hopper provides quick charging of the samples in the deposition chamber.


Thin film deposition of metals and dielectrics





Substrates : Semiconductors, metals, plastics

Sample holder : 4 in diameter

Base pressure : 5×10-7 torr

Pumping time : 10 min

Target sample holder distance : 5 in

Gases available : Ar, N2, O2

Number of magnetrons : 3

Thickness precision : 5%

Deposition rate : 1 – 10 Angströms / s

Manufacturer : Homemade

Model : Homemade

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