/ Sputtering and E-beam evaporation


This system is specifically dedicated to thin film deposition (1 nm to a few microns thick). It features a vacuum chamber containing an electron-beam evaporation source (six crucibles) and three 4-inch diameter targets for magnetron sputtering. A hopper is used to put the samples in the deposition chamber. This apparatus can deposit high quality films with good control of the thickness and a high uniformity.


Evaporateur/pulvérisateur-Thin film deposition of metals by evaporation

-Deposition of metals by sputtering






Substrates : Semiconductors, metals, plastics
Sample holder : 4 in. diameter
Pumping time : 10 min
Base pressure : 1×10-7 torr
Sample holder temperature : up to 200 °C
Option for plasma pre-treatment of the sample surface
Number of crucibles : 6
Volume of crucibles : 15 cm3
Crucible – sample holder distance : 18 in
Thickness control : <1% error
Max non-uniformity on thickness : 1% for a 4 in. wafer
Deposition rate : 0.5 – 3 Angströms / s
Number of targets : 3 targets
Target dimensions : 4 in. diameter
Precision on thickness : 5%
Crucible – sample holder distance : 5 in
Gases available : Ar, N2, O2
Option for codeposition of alloys from two targets

Manufacturer : Homemade
Model : Homemade

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