/ Substrate Bonding

Substrate Bonding

TThe SUSS SB6e allows bonding of materials together for micro electro-mechanical system applications. After positioning and alignment using the MA6 aligner, the substrates are moved to the SB6 and bonded using one of the various available processes such as: Anodic Bonding, Silicon Fusion Bonding (SFB), Adhesive Bonding (ADB), Thermal Compression Bonding (TCB).








Manufactureer: Suss Microtech
Sample size (mm): 2,5*2,5 cm parts to full 150mm (6 in ) wafers
Aligment precision after bonding: 1 micron
Temperature (°C): room to 500 Celcius
Maximal applied strenght: de 300 N à 20 KN
Vacuum: 5.10-5 mBar
Available bonding techniques: fusion bonding, Glass frit bonding, direct bonding, polymer adhesive bonding, metal eutectique bonding, anodic bonding, diffusion bonding
Alignment method :    Optical, on mask aligner (MA6).


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