/ Dicing Saw

Dicing saw

scieThe saw allows  the dicing of large wafers into individual chips. The precision of the tool maximize device yield.






manufacturer:    Advanced Dicing Technology
Model:               ADT 7100 Provectus

minimal sample size:    few mm parts
maximal sample size:   8 inches wafers
Maximal trench depth:   2,1 mm (realised)
Cutting speed:    0 to 600 mm/s
Spindle speed: 60 KRPM max, 1,2 KW
Blades:   resin bond , hubbed nickel bond…etc
Blades diameter:  2 or 3 inches
Trench depth precision:  0.2 microns resolution with  2 micron precision.

Materials : Si, Glass, Pyrex, LiNBO3, SiO2, Ceramic, Si on Glass, Quartz, Aluminium, Ferrite…


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