/ E-beam lithography

E-beam lithography permits to draw very high resolution features on substrates down to the nanometer range.

The technique uses a focalised electron beam as the drawing tool on resist precoated samples. Cad drawing tools are used to generate features.

The system also allows for very long path drawings, without stiching faults.


Model : Raith e-line

Beam size:  less than 2 nm at 20 kV
Beam energy:  100eV to 30 KeV
Beam current: 20 pA to 20 nA
Minimum linewidth: 20 nm  (with PMMA950)
Accessories : FBMS (fixed beam moving stage)
Maximum sample size : 10cm
Maximale sample thickness : 2mm

Available resists
PMMA 495 A4
PMMA 950 A2
Copolymer PMMA EL 9
Ma-N 2401






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