/ Four points probe

Four points probe

The four point probe setup is an easy-to-use system to evaluate the surface resistivity of thin films or the volume resistivity of silicon substrates or other thin conducting materials. The measurement technique relies on two pairs of electrodes, one injecting the current and the other measuring the voltage. This method reduces the error due to the contact resistance between the electrodes and the material, an error typical of the traditional two terminal setups. In addition, GCM Lab setup can make measurements at various temperatures.


Measure the surface resistivity of conducting thin films

Measure the volume resistivity of semiconductors

Determine the resistivity of conductors as a function of temperature


Probe spacing : 1 mm

Probe radius : 100 µm

Probe material: : Tungsten carbide

Température de mesure : -30 °C to 150 °C

Models : Bridgetech probes, Keithley 220 current source, Agilent 34401A voltmeter, Temptronic TP3000 temperature controller

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