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photolitho2Lithography is a central microfabrication step. Using photosensitive resist material, master patterns are transfered on the substrate surface. Many lithography and alignment steps over different material layers may be necessary to complete a device.

Surface Pretreatment

20130521_LMF_016_2Substrate deshydration and HMDS activation are often key processes to get maximal adhesion of photoresist and surface cleanliness and stability for other processes.

The YES oven has several programmed recipies available, for vacuum or nitrogen environment dehydration and vapor  deposition of HMDS precursor.

Manufacturer: Yield Engineering Systems
Model: YES-310TA

Number of programs available: 12
Silanisation material: HMDS

The photolithography room offers 2 spincoating stations.

Brewer Spincoater

Tournette Brewer

Small part up to 200 mm wafers may be resist coated using this spincoater. The system include automatic dispense of edge bead removal and photoresist. All staedy state, acceleration and spinnning speeds are programmable.

The attached hotplate allows for high uniformity resist baking.

Manufacturer: Brewer Sciencce
Model: 200cbx

Laurell Spincoater

Tournettte Laurell

The Laurell spincoater is a versatile tool for material and photoresist coating.

The spinner can accomodate very small samples (mm2) up to 150mm wafers. Acceleration and spinning speeds are programmable.

A EFD fluid dispenser and a programmable hotplate complete the work station.

Manufacturer: Laurell
Model: WS-400A-6NPP-Lite

MA-6 Mask Aligner

The MA6 is a contact mask aligner well adapted to the challenging and variable laboratory use, allying precision and flexibility.  The aligner has double microscope field view and a backside CCD camera to allow fast and precise aligment for single and double side needs. It also allows the use of very small samples up to 6 inches full wafers.
Manufacturer : Karl Suss
Model : MA-6/BA-6

    Mask dimensions: ≤ 7″
    Sample size:   1cm2 to 6 in
    Contact modes: 5 available (hard vacuum to proximity)
    Lamp: 350W Hg
    Optics: UV 400 (436 – 405 – 365 – 335 – 313 nm lines)
    Exposure modes: Constant power or constant intensisty
    Alignment modes: Front to front/ back to front (optic)

MA4 Mask Aligner

The Karl Suss MA-4 has been designed for high-accuracy photolithography in a lab environment. It can handle masks up to 5 inches in diameter, of regular or irregular shapes.

Manufacturer : Karl Suss
Model : MA-4

Masks dimensions :  3 to 5 inches
Maximal sample size : 4 inches
Contact modes: 5 differents from hard vacuum to proximity
Lamp : 350W Hg
Optics : UV 400 (436 – 405 – 365 nm lines)
Exposure : Constant power or constant intensity
Alignment : Front to Front (visible); Front to Back (infrared)

The lithography room offers two options for resist development:

Brewer Developping station

Spin developp

Le Brewer development station allows spray developpement of resist, substrate drying, and post bake operations.
Manufacturer: Brewer
Model: CEE 200XD

Developers avalilable in automatic mode: 3
Maximal sample size: 150 mm

Wet processing Bench

The clean wet processing bench offers many accesories for manual developping steps and drying. High purity DI water is available.

Available photoresists

OIR 674-11 positive; 1 micron thick
AZ5214-EIR  reversible resist ; used for lift off ;  1.5 microns thick
LOR5  non photosensitive; used for lift-off resist undercoat; 5 microns
KMPR 1005   negative resist, dedicated to  DRIE processes, 5 microns
SU8 Resist (different thicknesses)  negative resist, mainly used for microfluidic applications
AZ MiR 900
PMMA 950 A2  e-beam lithography resist

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