/ Rapid Thermal Annealing (RTA)


Rapid Thermal Annealing is a process used in semiconductor manufacturing that consists of heating a wafer to modify its structural properties. Thermal treatments can activate dopants, relax internal stress, diffuse materials to the interface, cristallize an amorphous layer, etc.


-Activate dopants

-Diffuse materials to the interface

-Relax stress

-Modify the microstructure of thin films (crystallization, densification, defect removal, etc)


Substrates : Semiconductors, metals, inorganic dielectrics

Sample holder : 4 in. diameter

Steady-state temperature range : 400-1150 °C (max 1350 °C)

Steady-state cycling time : 1-300 s

UHP gases for purging : O2, N2, Ar

Temperature stability : +/- 7 °C

Temperature control :

– Above 800 °C : Optical pyrometer

– Below 800 °C : Thermocouple

Heating rate : 220 °C/s (10-300 °C/s)

Cooling rate : < 80 °C/s (depending on temperature)

Non-uniformity of the radiative flux : < + 0.25%

Manufacturer : AG Associates

Model : Heatpulse 410

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