/ Suss MA6 Mask Aligner

MA6 Mask Aligner

The MA6 is a contact mask aligner well adapted to the challenging and variable laboratory use, allying precision and flexibility.  The aligner has double microscope field view and a backside CCD camera to allow fast and precise aligment for single and double side needs. It also allows the use of very small samples up to 6 inches full wafers.



Manufacturer:  SUSS


Mask dimensions: ≤ 7″
Sample size:   1cm2 to 6 in
Contact modes: 5 available (hard vacuum to proximity)
Lamp: 350W Hg
Optics: UV 400 (436 – 405 – 365 – 335 – 313 nm lines)
Exposure modes: Constant power or constant intensisty
Alignment modes: Front to front/ back to front (optic)

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